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2 oz X- Tan Remover

2 oz X- Tan Remover


A safe and natural, dermatologist tested and approved spray formulated with no parabens or harsh chemicals and a refreshing natural lemon & mandarin scent to erase unwanted self tans and spray tans.

The XTan Remover Glove was designed to work with the XTan Sunless Tan Removing Spray to remove your sunless tan. The Glove is white in colour, allowing you to see the transfer of the sunless tan from your skin, onto the glove.

How to use it:

1. Spray it on your skin

2. Wait 2 minutes (Canadians, you may need to wait longer! Our skin ph tends to be higher because of the cold, dry weather).

3. Get your XTan Glove a little bit wet with water.

4. Gently remove your tan!

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