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Liquid Brow Liner

Liquid Brow Liner


What colours does your product line come in?


Brunette is for darker brown/black hair. Great for those who like cool dark brown brows with no reddish tone. NOTE: if you tend to experience dark brown brow makeup turning reddish, then order this or else this will be too gray for you. Order Cocoa instead.

Cocoa is suitable for those with medium brown to warm dark brown hair.

Chestnut is great for auburn/reddish brown hair or those with honey blonde or strawberry blonde hair. Also suitable for those who prefer a softer brow look in a slightly warmer and lighter tone.

Taupe is a cool tone perfect for ashy blonde lighter hair and even gray hair. Taupe is also great for those with naturally darker brows but prefer a softer brow look. Our brand creator Sara wears Taupe daily.

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